Buko Pandan.

So here i am, writing again not because i just wanted to but to share how much God had blessed me these past few weeks, though writing abut it is not enough to express how thankful i am. Last week was one of the most exciting, enjoying, fulfilling, stressing and tiring days of my life. It’s stressing and tiring but God didn’t let anyone who is involved in His ministry to be discourage in any aspects, from work days to the event itself. Last may 13-17 was our church’s DVBS. Its an annual School-like ministry in our church wherein we gather kids from different places and teach them lessons about God. Honestly, I am spiritually weak and distracted that time. I am down Spiritually and even physically, but the people around me can’t even notice because i’m a good pretender, a really really good one. I act like everything’s okay. i made myself believe of the lie that i am strong. at that time i know that God is Speaking to me but i don’t want to listen because i thought i don’t need to listen because im okay. after DVBS i can’t handle to ignore God anymore, and i felt thirsty for His word and eventually everything worked well. This was one of the heart touching devotion, i have encountered because, i actually seek for God, without anything. I felt so fulfilled and complete. oh by the way my devotion was on Exodus Exodus 4:10-17. It really spoke to me without any “ka-echosan”. I hope and pray that it will also be a blessing to everyone who will see this 🙂 


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