Betty, this one is for you!

Hey! My blog has been on his/her hibernating process for a few months because of some things including school and some stuffs and oh don’t forget laziness, of its owner, that’s just a thing that we all can’t avoid specially being a teenager, being lazy is just a normal thing. On my last post i mentioned that i want a christmas gift for myself unfortunately i am not able to buy it last december because of laziness to inquire and to go to shops. And yes, this is the continuation of the last entry the gift that i want for christmas was a *drum roll.. A ukulele. YAY! I will tell you guys how, where, when i bought my uke. It was march 1, when my friend invited me to go to an cosplay event somewhere in sta. mesa, on our way to the place while walking i noticed a lot of music shops there and all of them has uke on display, so when we are on the event i cant concentrate because i was thinking of the ukulele. I forced my friend to accompany me to the music shops, and there i bought my uke i was soo happy because i want it badly! And now im having a lot of fun with her, so far i can play 2 song on the ukulele! *proud potato here* by the way meet my ukulele. ImageShe’s betty, betty the ukulele. the name idea came from my friend. and yes I’m fond of giving names to non living things i own and that’s a secret before but now its not. I hope y’all enjoyed my post! Till next time 🙂