Christmas Gift (part 1)

Im not updating my blog recently (obvious ba?) haha. Im busy these past few weeks or months .To be honest , im not into this blogging thing, trying hard nga sabi nila, So don’t get irritated if in everytime i post the fist line will be “i miss you my neglected blog” or “sorry for not posting for the past..” haha. but some point i find this stress relieving, because this is one of my outlet. I can post here my thoughts and my randomness here! and im loving it! Nuff drama! lets proceed to the real content of this post shall we?

Christmas is fast approaching, seriously. Sabi nga nila isang kembot nalang pasko na! haha. So i thought that i deserve something for Christmas. I have a favorite anime


She’s Yui Hirasawa from K-on. The Guitarist of the Light Music Club:) because of her Im inspired to learn how to play guitar. I want to buy a guitar for myself but my brother already have one *insert evil smile here* I can use that instead because im so kuripot! haha. i also want something unique so my gift to myself would be……..

*To be continued