Real Happiness

Yesterday, I’ve experienced going to the mall with just 100 pesos in my pocket, because I’m saving money for something i want to buy. Maybe some of you will think, how can that be possible, but this is what i do with my 100 pesos. Yesterday is our field trip but my lola didn’t allow me to come because of some reason but i kinda like it because i thought it was just a waste of money, and i can buy a lot of things with that 500 pesos which is the field trip fee, and the fact that I’m so kuripot haha. So me and my friends decided to just go somewhere (pity party, i guess?). My friends did not also join the field trip because I’m not coming. One for all, all for one haha. From our house i got to my friend’s house by just riding a jeepney, which cost 8 pesos only and from there we went to the mall by jeep again. And when we got there we ate at KFC and ordered the cheapest food on the menu which only cost 50 pesos. After that we walked around, from building A to building B, and back and forth. My friends keep on doing some crazy stuffs, like laughing out loud, as if like they were the only people in the mall, i kinda feel embarrassed being with them but i love them hahaha.  Our feet hurt and our stomach is grumbling, so we went to the food court and rest for a while, we buy some waffle and after that we went home already, and took some crazy pictures like this (GANGNAM STYLING :))

Even though we don’t have enough money to buy what we want but we enjoyed each other’s company. I can say that we SURVIVED!! HAHA!!. I enjoyed it. It proved that you don’t need a lot of money or any material things to be happy, you can be happy by being with the people you love:) Thank you God for the happiness.


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