Take 2

Hi! I guess i have a lot of catching up to do hahah! Pardon my laziness and the crazy schedule i have. And these days were the ones they call “hell week”. So for some of you who didn’t know I’m currently a freshmen HRM student (again) because of some reasons. I know i should be ahead of my classmates because I’m older than them? Hahah. So like a typical teenager we always cram, rush every requirement we need to pass. So far i haven’t experience any hard task and honestly i am still enjoying traveling from home to school and vice versa. I dont know why hahahah. So till next post byeee!



I hate drama.But i can’t avoid being too emotional at least once a month. I hate that feeling when you’re so happy then all of a sudden you will feel so upset and feel the urge to cry. But no matter how sad you are, don’t forget to kneel down, close your eyes and talk to God, and i assure you everything will be alright. Nothing beats a sweet Father-daughter conversation. 

Random Thoughts/facts

What happens when a random girl have a moment of silence? ofcourse, random thoughts will enter her mind. just like what is happening to me right now. So rather than just staring at the walls and ceiling why not make a random post? okaaaaay! lezzdoit! So here are some thoughts/facts that i want to show you.  


Cats sleep for 70% of their life.(Now i understand why i sleep alot. btw im secretly a cat)


Dolphins sleep with one eye open. -.O


A toothpick is the object most often choked on by americans


In Tennessee, it’s against the law to drive while sleeping


Belgians have tried to deliver mails using cats. It didn’t worked


another name for volleyball is minonette


The electric chair was made by a dentist


When shakespeare moved to a new home, he named it “new home”


A person sneezing was the first thing Thomas Edison filmed with his movie camera


The owner of hershey’s kisses come up with that name because of the machine they use. It is literally kissing the conveyor belt.


Butterfly taste with their feet


Cows sleep only 3 hours a day


Camels have 3 eyelids to protect their eyes from entering sands


The average human dream lasts for 2-3 seconds


You use 200 muscles to take one step


Pepsi Cola was orig­i­nally known as “Brad’s Drink”


Buf­falo buf­falo Buf­falo buf­falo buf­falo buf­falo Buf­falo buf­falo” is a gram­mat­i­cally valid sentence.


The Sony VAIO logo rep­re­sents the tran­si­tion from ana­log to digital.


Aladdin is Chinese.


The length of your fore­arm from elbow to wrist is the same length of your foot from heel to toe. (i bet you’ll try it)


Speak­ing of mus­taches, some Indian police are paid an extra 66 cents a month (30 rupees) for hav­ing a mustache.


During the first two years of a baby’s life, new parents will miss six months of sleep on average.


So that’s it! til the next post BYEE!